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CopyHour is…

  • An accountability system for the handwriting exercise.
  • 5-email assignments with proven sales letters & ads per week, for 8 weeks.
  • Access to the CopyHour forum to track your progress & interact with others.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee. Stay in the email system even if you refund.

landing-reportThe Landing Page Report ($47 retail) is…

  • A guide introducing you to the art of building high converting, email-grabbing landing pages
  • Examples and analyzation of successful landing pages

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What Real Customers Are Saying

“CopyHour rocks, it’s convenient, loaded with great content and has sharpened the hell out of my Copywriting Chops. My clients dig my improved skills also.”

– Garri

“CopyHour opened my eyes to true, well-done copywriting. Each example taught me a lesson in how to write, the art of persuasion, what works and what doesn’t. Who knew copying ads by hand would be so beneficial? Totally recommended for anyone who wants to sharpen their writing skills.”

– Mary Kate Feeney