How was your day 1 assignment? Did you power
through the, ironically titled ‘Lazy Man’s’

Does your hand hurt? When was the last time
you hand-wrote that much?

If you haven’t updated your progress log…
then WTF?

Get on it.


Something to keep in mind during these
assignments – you might not “like” these ads
or even the products they promote.

It’s important to keep an open mind and just
learn from them. Think about the audience
it caters to, and why it works so well to
compel them. Think about how you could take
a similar concept and make it fit into your
ultimate plan and the image you’d like to

Look at the words, language & the common
themes that modern advertisers are using.


Assignment #2 will be a pretty quick one.
I compiled a PDF filled with some banner ads
and text ads from around the web.

Many of the products they promote are very

I can’t say for sure that the ads themselves
are best of the best but I know this: I’ve
seen these ads everywhere and for a long time.
It’s safe to assume that they’re accomplishing
the advertiser’s goal.

I have chosen these ads for 2 reasons:

1. It’s great headline practice to copy ads.
In a lot of cases, an ad is simply a headline.

2. We’ll be copying a few sales letters and
sales video scripts for the products these
ads are promoting… starting with 1 for
tomorrow’s assignment.


1. Wake up.
2. Take out a pad of paper and a pen.
3. Set a timer for 1 hour.
4. Write these ads out by hand:

5. Post to the forum:

6. iPhone users: Check-in to the “Learn
Copywriting” group in Lift. Give your CH
friends “Props”.


Derek “Don’t judge my ads” Johanson


P.S. For extra credit, model some of
these ads and write your own using your
product(s). Post them to forum &
let us take a look.