How Dan Meredith Went From Zero to 6-Figures (As A Marketing Consultant & Copywriter) In Just 6 Months

Dan Meredith (left) & John McIntrye (right) at Agora.

Listen to the interview to hear about Dan’s crazy journey… how he condensed his learning process… how he finds clients & generates leads… how he niched down… how he prices his services… how he became a MASTER networker… and a lot more!

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Connect with Dan or email him to schedule a short 15-20 minute talk. He talks with anyone about anything during these chats! No sale of anything will be attempted.


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Ever Wondered What It Takes To Make 6-Figures As A Copywriter? Meet Ian Stanley.

This is a long interview I did with a very cool copywriter – Ian Stanley. Ian just hit the 6-figure mark in ~18 months time.

You’ll get some really great insights into copywriting, the writing process, and what it’s like working as a copywriter for 7 & 8-Figure direct response companies.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How Ian became the head copywriter for Crisis Education
  • Ian’s morning routine for being a productive copywriter
  • Ian’s full process for sitting down & writing copy
  • What it’s like for a copywriter working with a big direct response company
  • The books Ian reads
  • How Ian built his copywriting skills
  • How Ian got his first few jobs as an email copywriter, what he charged, and how he moved on to bigger & better projects
  • The secret to writing for mass market audiences vs. niche audiences… the differences are profound in Ian’s opinion
  • How Ian writes his bullets & dissects a product
  • Ian’s take on big ideas and hooks
  • Ian’s work with “tripwires” and how big direct response companies are structuring their offers
  • How to make sure your sales letter Close is solid
  • Ian’s process for email copy (he writes emails to 1.2 million people)
  • The 2 big types of emails


How To Listen:

(This interview has many curse words. If it were published on iTunes it would certainly have an “explicit” tag next to it. If you’re uncomfortable with the “F” word or “S” word then please don’t listen.)

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How Tyler Vawser Quit His Job & Went Full-Time As A Marketing Consultant

Tyler Vawser

In this interview you’ll learn…

  • How Tyler first started his side business
  • How to build skills while getting paid at the same time
  • How Tyler quickly became the “Aweber guy”
  • Tyler’s time management advice for juggling a 9-5 & side business
  • Tyler’s recommendations for billing clients in the beginning
  • How to overcome fear when putting yourself out in the world
  • How Tyler confidently went full-time as a marketing consultant
  • Tyler’s interesting method for getting referrals

Follow Tyler on Twitter: @TVaw

Time Sensitive Info:

Tyler is currently working with Noah Kagan who has launched Email 1k – a free 30-day course on growing email lists. This closes on October 12th so sign up now.


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