Limited Opportunity To Work Closely

With 2 Certified Coaches & Get Personalized Attention On Your Sales Copy 

& Freelance Business

"8 Weeks To Freedom: 

Quit Your Job and Work When You Want, 

Where You Want, With Who You Want"

Dear new copywriter,  

You’re 1 client away from changing your life.

And you’re in the perfect position to land one.   

My name’s Austin Lee. Together with my colleague Ning Li, we’ve been brought on by Derek to be your Certified CopyHour Coaches.   

I just came back from a snowboarding trip to interior British Columbia.   

A few months ago, I was traveling through Prague, Copenhagen, and Stuttgart.   

You see, I have unlimited vacation days, because I can work on the road.   

When I’m not traveling, I spend my mornings working in beachside cafes in sunny San Diego…  

And my afternoons surfing.   

Sometimes I work for 3 hours a days, sometimes 8… sometimes I don’t do any work at all! It all really depends on how I feel.   

That’s the life of a freelance copywriter. 

That’s the life of freedom YOU can have just 8 weeks from now  

In fact, you’re in the perfect position for it.   

You’ve taken an incredible step in the right direction with Derek’s kick-ass copywriting course.  

So you’re probably eager to translate your skill into serious cash…  

Which is exactly where I was.   

I was standing exactly where you stand now.   

I may have even been worse off…  

When I first started, I was a broke bum living in my parent’s basement...  

All I had were the skills I learned from Derek’s course.  

And now, I work with the #1 direct response agency on the planet. One of the guys on our team just made $9 million in a single quarter.   

And a yearly income of $200k-$400k is pretty normal.   

And getting to that level is not only possible… it’s PROVEN.  

I want to show you show. 

How to Turn Google Docs into Mucho Dollars With Your F-ing Awesome New Skill  

It’s one thing to know how to write a headline, pump out an email, or critique an email capture.  

It’s quite another to turn it into a full time, or steady-paying gig.   

If you’re lost about how to get clients, know this…  

Each one of these questions below - and many more - had me sweating through my sheets at night.   

(In my parents basement no less, because I was completely broke).  

  • “How do I land a new client without a portfolio?”  
  • “What if my copy converts horribly? They’ll never hire me again…”  
  • “Who do I even approach?”  
  • “Upwork is full of cheapskates, how do I charge what I’m worth?”  
  • “I’m not that good yet, how can I reasonably ask a business owner for $4,000?”  
  • “How do I price myself?”  
  • “How do I get over my imposter syndrome?”  
  • “How do I raise my rates with a current client?”  
  • “How do I become an authority in my niche?”  
  • “Selling on the phone is HARD!”  

It’s totally cool if this is the stuff that’s pin-balling through your head.   

What’s more, it’s NORMAL.   

Together, the CopyHour certified coaches can help you tackle each and every one of them. And you’ll need to, because:  

These are the bricks in the wall that blocks 99% of copywriters from ever making it.  

We can prevent that from happening, and build you the launch pad that gets you into the jetstream of client work.   

Not with a 10-step program, not with a sales letter template, and by not pumping you full of “positive thinking” exercises.  

We want to give you a custom-tailored, PERSONAL coaching program to land (and keep) high-quality clients  

I’ve worked with 26 clients over the last 23 months. That’s more than one new client per month.   

I know how to find, attract, and close clients.   

And how to keep them hiring you, again and again.   

Plus, I’m an INTROVERT, and I don’t particularly enjoy sales, either.   

I will show you the business side.   

And my good friend Ning, will personally critique your copy to make it sing…and more importantly, persuade.   

(If you don’t have clients, worry not. We’ve developed a special double-edged system that:   

1) Builds you a portfolio piece to attract new, targeted clients;   

2) Flexes your writing muscle, week-after-week (the ONLY way to get good fast), and;   

3) Gets you high-level feedback from a copywriters who have written controls in the most competitive niches ever.  

(That last point is essential. My skill level skyrocketed after I started getting weekly feedback from other great writers less than a year ago.)  

Tips & tricks to be more

efficient & succeed.

Advanced training for the tech savy people.

Copy Hour Certified Coaches:

8-weeks to securing a quality client Who keeps coming back for more

Here’s what’s included:    

  • 30-minute “Discovery” call (FREE: instructions below)    

  • 45-Minute Personal Call:

    - Moving forward call at the end of the program, to set action items and plan of attack for the months ahead

  • Weekly group video chats (~2 hrs. - each member will have their individual question addressed by one of our coaches)
  • 1st Hour: we’ll cover the week’s mini-lesson, either about freelance business operation, writing high converting copy, or mindset — complete with slides, notes, and actionable steps, followed by…
  • 2nd Hour: open Q&A — this is where the magic happens. The day before you’ll post your #1 question or action item for the week, and this is the time on the call

  • VIP Access to Our Trello Vault
    - Proven sales scripts
    - Lead pitch checklist
    - Industry Specific Swipes to Study / Hand Copy
    - Lecture / Breakdown videos
    - 35-point sales letter outline
    - Research guide for long form sale letter


  • Call recordings for further study    

  • Private Slack Access (Daily access to your coaches via private Slack board — this is just an all-in-one messaging application, so you can get in touch with us easier than email, and not lose what you learn.)


  • Action Items to stay on track. Week in. Week out.   

This is the meat and potatoes of the program. But also note, if you prove yourself to us and show you can learn, iterate, and be open to feedback…    

There’s also the possibility we will open our network to you.     

This is NOT a promise, because you’ll have to prove it. But know that it’s there.      

Austin Lee is a copywriter who’s brought in millions of dollars for Agora Financial - writing for the Choose Yourself, Paradigm Press, and 7 Figure Publishing imprints. 

He’s also an experienced health copywriter, with 8 back end controls for a top Clickbank affiliate. 

He went from writing for $14/hr. on Upwork in his parent’s basement, to working with the biggest companies in direct response just 2 years later. 

Austin has a deep network of industry contacts and is always looking for talented, up-and-coming copywriters to connect them to.

Meet Your 2 Coaches For Spring 2020

Austin Lee

Ning Li is the lead copy chief for the multi-million dollar health company PaleoHacks. 

He started just 3 years ago writing copy while in graduate school at Colorado State University, and since then, he’s been able to quit his PhD program, travel the world, and move to San Diego. 

Along the way, he’s written controls for some of the biggest businesses in direct response, including Agora’s New Market Health Division, Organifi, and Boardroom. 

In his off hours, he likes to surf, travel, and sing karaoke. 

Ning has a deep network of contacts in the industry and is always looking to connect talented writers to businesses looking for writers.

Ning Li


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  2. You’ll see a link to book your call.  

  3. If you decide to move forward, we’ll discuss payment options on the phone.    

PLEASE NOTE: All of our coaches write full-time and can only accommodate ten (10) members per session. If you’re interested in taking the next step, please put down your deposit now to secure your free consult.   

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