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My son is going to be one year old in just a few weeks.

Absolutely wild!

Here’s an interesting analogy for you.

When my son was first learning to stand, he could only stay upright for a second or two.

But when he was concentrating on a toy in his hand, we noticed that he could remain on his feet for much longer — 10 to 30 seconds.

When he realized what was happening (that he was standing) he’d immediately drop.

This blows my mind.

He was fully capable but he wasn’t confident. His brain wouldn’t let him do it.

You can probably see where I’m going with this…

Confidence has a lot more to do with life or copy success than you’d probably suspect.

I’m not going to write a long article on how to build confidence but I know that it comes with baby-steps!

Find small little wins. Get a positive feedback loop going in your brain. Repeat until you’re running.

🌈🌈🌈You’re more capable than you think! 🌈🌈🌈

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Good Ad has spent an estimated $953.2K in the last 105 days running ads like this via Google.

This ad looks like content. If you were seeing this on a blog, news site, or website like, at first glance it’d appear to be content that the publisher was linking to.

The headline grabs attention — the word blunder along with a common financial product (“annuities”) associated with retirement investing strategy acts as a pattern interrupt.

It doesn’t really matter if you agree or disagree. If you agree, you’ll click to confirm your beliefs. If you’ve never heard someone say that or you disagree, you’ll click to check it out.

“Billionaire money manager and best-selling author” gives the statements authority.

Saying Blunder #9 and then having “13 Blunders to Avoid” gives it curiosity and clickability. “I want to know the other 12 blunders!”

“You may be surprised at what you read.” gives it extra curiosity before the call-to-action button.

I use Adbeat to find ads and do competitive research.

Product, App, or Website I’m Loving:


During this last launch of CopyHour we used Instapage to rebuild our sales page.

I thought it turned out pretty well. I had my wife, aka designer, handle getting it all setup. She loved using the builder.

If you need to build some landing pages, check it out. I think it’s better than Leadpages or any other landing page software I’ve used before.

How to Make Great Tasting Coffee

1. Get yourself a good bag of beans with a roast date on it. General advice that’s not a rule: coffee typically tastes better if consumed within 5-10 days of its roast date.

2. Buy a grinder and grind the beans yourself right before you brew a cup. It only takes a few seconds.

3. Brew your coffee with a Chemex* or Aeropress*. Kuerig’s suck at making coffee and they suck for the environment.

4. Water matters: You’re not gunna believe me until you try it – good filtered water will make your coffee taste better (and it might save your life). I use Ian Stanley’s old company: Fixt filtered water pitchers.

5. Temperature matters too. I brew most cups at ~183 degrees. I use Ovalware’s Pour Over Kettle*.

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