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Derek Johanson


November 1, 2018

How Dan Meredith Went From Zero to 6-Figures (As A Marketing Consultant & Copywriter) In Just 6 Months

November 1, 2018 | By | 4 Comments

Dan Meredith (left) & John McIntrye (right) at Agora.

Listen to the interview to hear about Dan’s crazy journey… how he condensed his learning process… how he finds clients & generates leads… how he niched down… how he prices his services… how he became a MASTER networker… and a lot more!

Visit Dan’s website:

Dan’s Facebook:

Connect with Dan or email him to schedule a short 15-20 minute talk. He talks with anyone about anything during these chats! No sale of anything will be attempted.


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  1. Hi Dan,
    I recently attended the Shaa Wasmund Facebook bootcamp in London at which yourself and Matt Thomas spoke and was very inspired by what you all presented. I was wondering whether you could share with your Facebook group and social media this ‘Get Sh*t Done’ Canvas Wall Art piece since it represents perfectly your excellent motto and ethic.
    I look forward to seeing you again in London at the ‘Freedom Formula’ bootcamp on November 3rd.
    Paul B.

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