The world is changing and I don’t know if it’s good.

My brother told me this story:

He was driving through Yosemite Valley with his girlfriend and her 6-year old.

The 6-year old was glued to his tablet as they drove into Tuolumne Meadows.

Tuolumne Meadows is, scientifically-proven 100% completely objectively, the most beautiful place on Earth. It’s basically NARNIA.

(The pic above is taken from Wikipedia! Wikipedia never has good looking photos. That’s how beautiful it is in Tuolumne Meadows)

My brother told the 6-year old to get off the tablet and look around at nature.

So the 6-year old shut off his tablet… and then just stared at the blank screen for the next hour.


We’re all screwed!

I’m worried about kids.

Mainly I’m worried about kids not using their hands for writing and drawing, coupled with extreme addiction to phones & screens.

What’s all this going to mean for brain development?

Maybe it won’t mean anything and I’m just, officially, an old man complaining about the modern world changing around me.

But maybe I’m not wrong.

Anyway, if you believe that kids are doomed join the CopyHour Facebook group. If you disagree, join too and let me know. I’d like to hear that it’ll all be okay.

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Good Ad has spent an estimated $170.1K in the last 28 days running ads like this via the Taboola content network.

Advertising on a content network? Your ad, your headline, should look & read like content. This ad looks & reads like it’s going to link to a content piece. And it does.

The picture grabs attention — it’s weird.

The problem being addressed, a dog eating grass, is a mass market problem.

“Do This Everyday” builds curiosity.

Attention + Curiosity = Clicks.

We have a nice little formula here: If {Person/Pet}{Experiences A Problem} (Do This Everyday)

I use Adbeat to find ads and do competitive research.

Product, App, or Website I’m Loving:

Reddit: Add “ing” to the end of a movie title, what is the movie about now?

This thread made me lol in a coffee shop… which is the worst place to lol.

My favorite: “The Blair Witch Projecting. A witch, unable to come to terms with her own insecurities and failings, goes around constantly finding faults in others.”

TBH this has very little to do with “copywriting”. However, I will say, seeing other people being creative, made me want to be creative. Strangely, this thread compelled me to write.

How to Make Great Tasting Coffee

1. Get yourself a good bag of beans with a roast date on it. General advice that’s not a rule: coffee typically tastes better if consumed within 5-10 days of its roast date.

2. Buy a grinder and grind the beans yourself right before you brew a cup. It only takes a few seconds.

3. Brew your coffee with a Chemex* or Aeropress*. Kuerig’s suck at making coffee and they suck for the environment.

4. Water matters: You’re not gunna believe me until you try it – good filtered water will make your coffee taste better (and it might save your life). I use Ian Stanley’s old company: Fixt filtered water pitchers.

5. Temperature matters too. I brew most cups at ~183 degrees. I use Ovalware’s Pour Over Kettle*.

(*Some links on this page are affiliate links. If you purchase anything I will make a small affiliate commission. These commissions are definitely not large enough to factor into my decision to recommend them. I only promote things I use and believe in.)