Looks Like Mike Hrostoski Has You Interested In CopyHour…

Looks Like Mike Hrostoski Has You Interested In CopyHour…

…But, those are famous wealthy copywriters & entrepreneurs.

What happens when the just-starting-out-hustler uses this simple copywriting “secret”?


And this freelance copywriter now has too much work because of the “secret”.

And this established freelance copywriter is killing it:



Having complete copywriting FREEDOM sixty days from now (maybe less).

What does that mean?

…No more pulling your hair out trying to write a sales letter or ad that converts…

…No more failed attempts at coming up with a good selling angle…

…No more FEAR and hesitation about what to write…

When you put this “secret” to use, you wont have to worry about all that B.S. You’ll know exactly what you need to write to compel your prospects to act.

You’ll realize that you don’t need a template.

That there is no one perfect script.

You’ll see that solid copywriting and salesmanship skills are already implanted deep inside your brain and that this “secret” will unlock them and guide you to copywriting freedom.

As you can see from the above testimonials the “secret” has something to do with what’s inside my creation called CopyHour…

… but before I tell you about that, I’m going to mess with you a little… but in a good way because you’ll learn a valuable copywriting lesson from it.

I’m NOT going to tell you exactly what the “secret” is just yet because I’ve opened up what’s known to us in the copywriting biz as an ‘open loop’.

An ‘open loop’ is any aspect of your sales letter or story that doesn’t tie up immediately.

You know how at the end of the show “LOST” when something crazy happened and you’d feel a deep urge to watch again the next week.

Calling this strategy that I’m about to show you a “secret”, was my way of opening a loop and getting you to read further down the page.

You want to know what the “secret” is…

And you’ll read on to find out more because…

YOU have a copywriting problem…

More correctly, we all have this problem.

Copywriting is tough. It takes effort. It takes hard mental focus.

Mostly, it takes a ton of research to figure out exactly who our ideal customer is, and how to speak to them in a way that compels them to take action.

When you sit down to write some sales copy, you get stuck.

You don’t know how to start…

You don’t know how to finish…

You start thinking you need to add more “power words”…

You wonder how to ‘frame’ the offer…

You scream that you need a template to work off of… but you can’t find one…

You start thinking about ways to “trick” your prospect… then you stop… and say, “I’m not trying to trick my potential client. I have a valuable product or service. I just need to know how to express that.”

Look, writing a sales letter aint easy. If it was, everyone would do it.

If it were as easy as 1.2.3. people wouldn’t pay me a minimum of $5,000 per copywriting assignment… and smile when they sent me the check.

And here’s the vicious truth that you might be avoiding…

Copywriting = Freedom


Want to make more money than you are right now?

Learn to write good sales copy.

If you can write good copy, you will never struggle to make money. Clients will pay you top dollar for your work. And if/when you create your own products you wont be at the mercy of Google or penguins or algorithm updates or any other SEO stuff.

You won’t be building an empire on quicksand.

And you’ll have the unique ability to say to yourself, “Hmm, I want to make a bunch of money today.” Then crank out a simple sales letter in 30 minutes to an hour. And freaking make money with it that day… and for years afterward!

Then you can move on to the next project with confidence. And the next. And the next.

This is reality for a small number of people who put in the small amount of work up-front to learn this “secret”.

I asked CopyHour members to rate, on a scale of 1 to 5, their copywriting knowledge before and after they began implementing this simple “secret”.


Look at it again — a 89% increase in copywriting knowledge…

Do you think these people are still struggling as much to create a sales page or launch a marketing campaign? CopyHour produces insane clarity in ANY marketing effort.


The Story Of How I Unlocked This Copywriting “Secret”

derek-delmarI’m Derek Johanson, and I’m an addict.

I’m addicted to CopyHour and the “secret” because it continually helps make me money… that I tend to lose… see the sidebar –>

(I have two main gigs at the moment: one is a small consulting agency I co-own, and another is publishing a Hollywood actor who helps other actors develop a career strategy… This is a pretty standard “information publishing” business. Don’t ask me how I got into this b/c I know nothing about acting.)

Anyway, recently I woke up and faced facts: the “path” to the kind of business freedom I wanted was obvious.

I desperately wanted to make more money in my business and from all of my efforts. And to do so, I desperately wanted to develop stronger copywriting skills.

And I’d known about Halbert’s “secret” for years!

I also had heard from others that it worked like magic, almost immediately.

But I was one of “those people”… who knew how powerful this “secret” was, and how important it was, and how valuable it was…

And how it was one of the only things that could directly make all my marketing efforts worth 2x to 10x more than they are now, without any boosts in traffic or other changes…

But, for whatever reason, I still wasn’t just freaking doing it!

Just like every single other struggling entrepreneur.

Probably like you if you’ve heard of this “secret” before…

So What The Heck Is This “Secret”?

Here’s the “secret” popularized by Gary Halbert:

  1. Build a swipe file of high-converting, tested, and winning ads
  2. Copy each of those ads in your own handwriting to “internalize” and absorb the style into your subconscious
  3. And do it every… single… day, for a minimum of 30 days, to “program” persuasive copywriting ability into your brain (longer = better)

Maybe you’ve read this advice before. Every single copywriter and entrepreneur will tell you over and over again how it’s almost like magic, it works so well… if you actually do it.

In fact, maybe it’s old hat to you by now. “Duh… I know all this already. Tell me a new trick.”

But wait… have you ever actually DONE THIS ONE?

And I mean **really** done it…

Check out this quote from Dan Kennedy, pulled directly from his book “No BS Wealth Attraction”:

“I’m often asked by other, much less wealthy copywriters what they need to do to [make money] like I do… I tell them the advice I got from famous copywriter Gary Halbert — which I followed — about rewriting in longhand at least 500 long-running, successful direct response ads and sales letters in order to train your subconscious mind.

And check out this interview between two fairly prominent copywriters (emphasis mine):

Ben Settle: [talking about his early days copywriting] … just thinkin’ ahead, “I should get on second shift,” because now I had all this time at work where, yeah, I’m doin’ a job, but I’m also studying copywriting and marketing stuff and I’m writing ads. I spent a lot of time handwriting ads out back then —

Doberman Dan: I’m sorry to interrupt. You really did that?

Ben Settle: Yeah.

Doberman Dan: That’s awesome. I’m sorry. Keep goin’ ‘cause I tell people to do that all the time, very few actually do.

Ben Settle: Yeah, what I would do is – that was a big part of my education. … I would just handwrite ads out. … I mean, it’s just a real good way to get it ingrained in your head how to structure ads and that sort of thing.

Doberman Dan: Wow, I didn’t know you’d done all that, but a lot of people have been told to do that and they don’t but, yet, you did. Look at the result: You’ve been making your fulltime living from this for quite a while now.

Ben Settle: … I think copying out ads is essential, but the problem is most people aren’t that into it. So unless someone’s really into it, they’re probably not gonna do it.

And here’s a quote taken from copywriter Ted Nicholas’s “87 Marketing Secrets Of The Written Word”:

Below is an email an 8-figure ‘underground’ copywriter wrote to a marketing mastermind I belong to. He was describing how to get better at sales copy:

… And the really cool part, even famous authors (not just copywriters) talk about the benefits of copying great writing.

Dan writes:

He copied successful people who had done exaclty what it is he wanted to do. Donald said that he didn’t learn to write during his college education (go figure), instead he started typing out— verbatim— his favorite stories from authors like Hemmingway, Flannery O’conner, and others. Who says we don’t have the opportunity to learn directly from the best and brightest? He did this for a few years. Link

… And these authors might have even improved their learning if they’d have written books out by hand. Here’s a recent news headline:

“Mediocrity Rules The Marketplace”

A chance encounter with an extremely successful underground marketer left me with extremely powerful advice recently.

He told me… “Mediocrity rules the marketplace.” Most people won’t ever put in the time to become better at what they do. They settle for mediocre ability, and mediocre results.

So the rare 1% who do put in the time, even if it’s just a little bit, absolutely clean up… almost effortlessly.

When you actually sit down and do this exercise… it’s deceivingly hard.

I mean, it’s simple to do in theory. But in practice… not so much.

It’s a lot like going to the gym.

In theory it’s a great idea. But when it’s time to lace up your sneakers and head out… well, your mind will find any reason not to do it.

But if you’ve got something to keep you accountable to it… you’ll go. Every day. (And be extremely grateful you did after only a few short weeks!)

CopyHour’s VERY Simple Method…

What I’ve done is taken Gary Halbert’s “secret” and created a legitimate accountability system for you to get these exercises done.

I have a VERY simple method… one that doesn’t give you the option of “giving up” and screwing yourself over… and if you’re really serious about this, I’m going to let you in in a second.

The way it works is simple.

Every single week day you’ll receive an e-mail with a full copy of a TESTED, PROVEN, WINNING ad to write out by hand.

Your job is to simply set aside 30 minutes to an hour (I recommend first thing in the morning, immediately after getting up) and do it.

And as an added accountability tool, you will have access to private forums where you simply go in afterward to post that you’ve done that day’s assignment.
What’s the point of doing this?

Well, when you see that dozens of other people have also done the exercises, it creates accountability.

You feel committed to actually doing the exercises, rather than allowing yourself to slack off.

Simple, but very powerful.

Also, if you’re an smart phone user, CopyHour members have been using Lift – a habit tracking app, to check-in and give each other props. Check out this interaction below:


If you miss a day, it’s no big deal.

Seriously, things happen.

If you can do the exercises 5 days a week, that’s awesome. If you can only do them 1 day a week, that’s fine too.

You will get out of this as much as you choose to put in.

The Most Important Accountability Measure

Listen, this isn’t a “biz-op” offer.

It is simply an “automated” way to force yourself to perform what may be the single most lucrative business exercise on earth… and NOT allow yourself to slack off.

And you’re not following MY instructions… you’re following Halbert’s.

I just “programmed the machine”.

But… on the other hand, we know that no one takes seriously things that they get for free. And we don’t want a hundred free-loaders clogging up the process and ruining the forums (where some truly badass business discussions are going on).

Does my system work? Just look at the testimonials above & down below.


When I heard about CopyHour, I knew it offered a ridiculously great offer: spend one hour a day working on Copy Hour exercises for 60 days, and your copywriting skills will skyrocket.

I had read a couple of books on copywriting, and I would say I knew more about copywriting more than the average person, but I didn’t know what it’s like to write a great ad. I’m still far from being able to write great ads that would make me a millionaire, but now I have more intuitive understanding of how great ads work–my hand knows how.

It’s been only a month and a bit since I started CopyHour, and I’m surprised by how much I learned Copy Hour. Using my new skills, I was able to spot what was missing from my friend’s sales page, and also I managed to write my first copy for another friend’s project. What’s more exciting is that this knowledge is expanding everyday thanks to CopyHour.

If I can do this much after one month, what will I be able to do in one year? I truly wish I had known about Copy Hour earlier!

– Anonymous

How Much Does It Cost To Become An Incredible Copywriter?

CopyHour is a very unique system – there’s really nothing like it on the market.

I will say that my good buddy Clay (who you’ll see below) spent over $2,000 for training materials from a big name copywriter (who also appears on this page).

Clay told me that he learned a lot with that $2,000 course but in the end it was fairly disappointing. He felt that CopyHour was much more valuable and at an extreme fraction of the cost.

Before I tell you how much CopyHour is, let me total up the value of all the components you’re getting.

Over the course of about 10 weeks (which will be the best of your life because you’ll become an INSANE copywriter) you’ll get over 60 lessons.

Each lesson takes me around an hour to put together. At the moment, I value my time in these matters at $200. That’s a $12,000 value 🙂

There’s the accountability forum. That costs me about $10 a year in hosting to run. I’ll only charge you 10 cents for that though because we’ll split up the costs amongst members. You could say that the forum is priceless because you’ll also get to interact with other CopyHour members…

And now the proven sales letter swipes. You’ll have access to hundreds of them. Some of these sales letters are hard to find… but let’s talk about the value of these swipes.

If you look at how much money these sales letters and ads pulled in for various people and companies, you’re looking into the BILLIONS. That’s not an exaggeration.

Let’s just say they’re worth 1 million for simplicity sake though.

So, $12,000 + 10 cents + 1 million = $1,012,000.10

The total value of CopyHour is $1,012,000.10 but you’ll be able to join today only for well under that! haha.

But seriously, wouldn’t you agree, that paying $2,000 to become a master salesman and copywriter… to literally change the way you think and structure the way you speak, write and present offers, would be an absolute game-changer for you… and be worth every single penny?

If you use just one snippet of knowledge from doing these exercises you’ll make huge multiples of your money back.

But I’m not going to charge you $1,000… heck I wont even charge you $500. I’d be justified in charging that much and most dedicated entrepreneurs would hand that amount to me without batting an eyelash. Especially considering how much a good copywriter is worth… and how much money they demand to write a converting sales letter.

And obviously, the higher amount you pay, the more committed you’ll be squeezing the most value out of your time with CopyHour.

But I want CopyHour to be accessible to every entrepreneur & freelancer who wants it.

That’s why you can join today for just $67.

Enjoy My Double-Your-Money-Back Guarantee… & Stay In The System Even If You Refund

I have had six refunds in the ENTIRE HISTORY of CopyHour. Six… I can still count them on both hands. And all six were from people who refused to do the exercises.

So that’s why I’m confident enough to offer this guarantee:

If you don’t think CopyHour is helping you become a better copywriter, then I’ll give you double your money back. That means I’ll refund your purchase of $67 and send you an additional $67 for a total of $134.

But there is a catch: In order to get double your money back, you have to send me a copy of at least 15 handwritten sales letters or assignments. I want proof that you tried CopyHour.

I’m doing this because I know how much people love CopyHour when they actually do the assignments.

And, on top of that, if you don’t think CopyHour is worth a measly $67, just e-mail me (hit ‘respond’ on any of the daily e-mails you get)… I’ll give you your money back (double with proof)… and leave you in the system if you want.

Can You Trust Me?

Look at this interaction on Twitter. The first guy is asking about CopyHour and thinks it might be a scam. Then Rob responds that CopyHour is recommended by John whose testimonial you saw at the top of the page:

And then John responded with this:

And Marcus ended up joining.

Like I said… this is not about the money.

The money simply acts as a people filter and a psychological commitment mechanism. It raises the quality of the community, and your commitment to actually performing these exercises which will make you exponentially more money back.

If you want to join our club of hustlers, you need to TAKE ACTION.


If you TAKE ACTION and join right now, you’ll also get 2 interviews that I did with successful copywriters.

These interviews are normally reserved for the “CopyHour Cartel” (my group & training course for freelance copywriters).

Bonus Interview #1: Ashley Ambirge

Ashley is an outspoken copywriter living & running her copywriting agency in Costa Rica. When she first got started, she was broke & living in a car. In 1 year she went from $0 to almost $100,000. Listen in on how she thinks a beginning copywriter should go get their first job.

Bonus Interview #2: Ben Settle

You’ll notice Ben’s face from up above. He’s a highly respected email copywriter. You’ll also get Ben’s take on how to get freelance work… how to get good at copywriting really fast… and how to negotiate copywriting fees.

If you ACT on the info you’ll learn during these interviews, I’d say they’re easily worth $99. I mean, what will your first job make you?

Which brings me to this question…

Do you understand the value of these exercises?

I know that some people don’t care about becoming a bad-ass copywriter.

They don’t care about having the ability to pump out a short letter in two hours that could make them tens of thousands of dollars.

And they don’t care about having the ability to do that over, and over, and over again.

They don’t “get it”.

But if you’re one of the rare **SMART** entrepreneurs who understands the huge, huge, HUGE value that being a top-tier marketing mind will have on your business (95% of people on this page now don’t get this)… or you understand that even a 10% improvement in your copywriting ability now will turn into an exponentially BIGGER improvement in your income levels…

Then this is a complete no-brainer.

Here’s an email friend & entrepreneur Clay Rogers sent to me:

Join Today With Absolutely Zero Chance Of Getting Screwed Over & With 100% Confidence That You’ll Become A Kick-Ass Copywriter

Here’s what happens when you click “Add to Cart” below:
1. You’ll be taken to a totally secure checkout page protected by Clickbank. We accept all major credit cards & Paypal.
2. After you enter your payment details you’ll create your CopyHour account, confirm your email address, and login into the member’s area.
3. You’ll have instant access to some CopyHour resources including a Dropbox folder with hundreds of classic, PROVEN sales letters & ads.

Just $67

Get Off That Fence!

This is the part of the sales letter where I tell you have a decision to make and try to get you “off the fence” and into a buying decision.

Here’s an unsolicited comment in a forum full of budding entrepreneurs:

Here are more happy CopyHour clients:

“CopyHour rocks, it’s convenient, loaded with great content and has sharpened the hell out of my Copywriting Chops. My clients dig my improved skills also.”

– Garri

“CopyHour opened my eyes to true, well-done copywriting. Each example taught me a lesson in how to write, the art of persuasion, what works and what doesn’t. Who knew copying ads by hand would be so beneficial? Totally recommended for anyone who wants to sharpen their writing skills.”

– Mary Kate Feeney

By far the best site I’ve ever joined. The exercises have not only improved my copywriting, it has also improved every other type of writing I do.

CopyHour has also giving me the drive and motivation to improve my writing day after day.

– Jon Bishop

This program is truly phenomenal. I come from having recently graduated from a top tier university with a degree in Political Science. Four years and $200,000 of debt later, I have ZERO marketable skills that can actually help me make money.

I’ve learned more marketable skills in one month of CopyHour then I did in four years of University. Derek, you kick ass.

– Udae S.

The CopyHour method is a great way to actually get some “hands on” practice … a way to study the best sales letters by actually writing them out and cutting your left and right brain loose (together) so that you actually absorb the methodology and science behind them.

I highly recommend CopyHour to anyone thinking about entering this field, or is already in it and desires to perfect their practice.

– Ken Fitzhugh

Join us now, or don’t. It’s your career on the line.

I recommend it. You do it. You feel better. You live a happy & wealthy life.


– Derek “Your Copywriting M.D.” Johanson

See that picture above? That’s me (right) with Sean Ogle (left) and Clay Rogers (center). We’re at Hotel Ambos Mundos in Havana, Cuba. In this hotel, Ernest Hemingway began “For Whom The Bell Tolls” — a book worth copying.

It’s fitting that we smoked cigars in the hotel where a legendary book was first started…

Why? Because both of those guys pictured with me there are CopyHour members. And both have made some damn good money with their copywriting skills.

And you know what?

We’re just getting started.

P.S. CopyHour’s entrance fee is almost definitely a tax deductible business expense (ask your tax advisor).

P.P.S. Your copywriting & marketing knowledge should double by going through CopyHour, guaranteed, or double your money back.

(If you leave this page and go back to wasting your time trolling Facebook, you’ll FOREVER regret it… and you’ll miss out on ALL the experiences that money can buy. Take massive action & join us now.)

Join Today With Absolutely Zero Chance Of Getting Screwed Over & With 100% Confidence That You’ll Become A Kick-Ass Copywriter

Here’s what happens when you click “Add to Cart” below:
1. You’ll be taken to a totally secure checkout page protected by Clickbank. We accept all major credit cards & Paypal.
2. After you enter your payment details you’ll create your CopyHour account, confirm your email address, and login into the member’s area.
3. You’ll have instant access to some CopyHour resources including a Dropbox folder with hundreds of classic, PROVEN sales letters & ads.

Just $67


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