How To Use Lift With CopyHour


For anyone that has a iPhone, I want you to start using the Lift app while you’re going through CopyHour.

It’s a nice, clean little accountability tool that will make doing the exercises and learning copy more fun.

Within the Lift app, you can specify a habit you’d like to create. (In our case, it’s “learn copywriting”.)

Then, you join a group of people who also want to create that habit.

When you’ve completed a task related to the habit you’re developing, you ‘check in’. Then, others in the group can give you “Props”.

For whatever reason, the Props element, just like the Facebook/Instagram “Like” button, makes it more enjoyable and I find myself checking back to see if I’m getting kudos. It’s a little dopamine shot in your brain.

The app also lets you set reminders for the habit. So if you have a certain hour each morning or night blocked off for your CopyHour exercise, you can set a reminder that will pop up on your phone. You can also specify the days that you’d like to get reminders.

1. Go here to install the app on your phone:
2. After you setup your account, on the homepage click the “+” at the top right.
3. In the search bar type: Learn Copywriting. (We’ll be marking our progress in this group)
4. Join the group and leave your first comment if you’d like.
5. Back at the homepage, click the settings icon in the top left corner.
6. Select “Settings”
7. Click “Reminders” near the bottom.
8. Set your preferred Days & Times.
9. Now you’ll get a reminder.
10. Try to check-in as much as possible and also give “Props” to people.