The (Not So Obvious) Reason To Watch Super Bowl Ads

As someone who is interested in marketing, sales, and copywriting it’d be pretty obvious of me to say, “Watch the Super Bowl for the ads”.

It’d be even more obvious of me to say, “Don’t watch the Super Bowl ads for good direct response marketing strategy.”

Almost all Super Bowl ads are brand-driven advertisements and they’re almost all completely forgotten after their 15-30 second window is done.

The not so obvious reason to watch the ads today is this: The Super Bowl is one of the largest viewed television events in the world. These ads will be great for understanding the “mass mindset”.

The advertisers today will likely have a good understanding of what’s appealing to the masses right now… what kind of things is our society valuing? What kind of language is appropriate? What’s funny to people right now? On a whole, what are people’s ambitions? What are people struggling with?

Even as a niche marketer, it’s important to understand what’s on the mind of the masses. What is the average person thinking when they land on your site or see your ads?

The average person out there thinks much differently than you. They don’t know about the paleo diet. They don’t know about coconut oil, or putting grass-fed butter in their coffee.

Watch the Super Bowl, but not for the ads… for a deeper understanding of our social landscape.

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