How To Write A High-Converting Video Sales Letter

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What Is The VSL Course?

The VSL Course is a 6 week training program that shows you how to write your own sales letter or VSL.

You can use this to sell your own product, a product you haven't made yet, a client's product, or to sell your own services.   

The course is delivered through daily email assignments.  

The emails will be based around our 3-Step VSL teaching formula called Principle-Based Neuro-Embedding Structures or PNS for short.  

Each email will follow a format of:  

1. Principles and strategies of high converting VSLs.  

2. VSL examples to hand copy and use for inspiration.  

3. The EXACT structures and formulas for writing each section of your VSL as well as what order you should put them in.  

4. A specific assignment for that day to hold you accountable and make it easy to get it done.  

5. All you have to do is open the email each morning and do the assignment. And 5-6 weeks from now you’ll have a full sales message completed.  


After one VSL you’ll be able to repeat the process of writing VSLs in less than a week instead of 6 weeks.  

Here’s an outline of what you’ll be learning and doing each week in the VSL course: 

How It's Delivered

Week 1: Deep Research

This is the most underrated part of writing sales letters. You need to do deep research so that when you actually sit down to write your VSL it’ll be simple.  

You’ll learn:  

  • How to use forums, Facebook, Google, Youtube and more to learn everything about your ideal customer (nothing crazy here, just a smart way to use free research tools to get only what you need and nothing more).

  • How to do competition research to guarantee your message is pinpoint accurate.

  • Everything you need to do BEFORE you write the first word of your message.  

Week 2: Bullets and Creation Stories  

You need killer bullets and a good “Adam and Eve” story for you product.  

Here you’ll learn:  

  • Formulas to write bullets that keep your prospect up at night.

  • The “Wedding Crashers” formula for writing teaser bullets.

  • How to write a story that PROVES your product works.

  • How to write compelling stories that open your prospect’s “monkey brain.”  

Week 3: USP, Unique Mechanism, Offer and Close

You’ll learn:  

  • How to create a Unique Selling Proposition that makes your product stand out from all the white noise.

  • The importance of a “Unique Mechanism” and how to write the perfect one for your product.

  • The ultimate Price Reveal formula.

  • The seven letter word you need to understand to write a killer close.  

Weeks 4 + 5: Options, Leads, and Interest Peaking Mechanisms

You’ll learn:  

How to use “Options” at the end of your VSL to make people feel like buying your product is the only logical choice.

The 8 different lead types to create a compelling hook at the start of your VSL.

How to use “Interest Peaking Mechanisms” to make sure people keep watching your video till the end once they start it.  

Weeks 5 + 6: Headlines, Sales Arguments, and putting it all together (technical stuff)

We'll give you headline formulas that you can use to grab your prospect by the throat and ensure they start your video.  

And this is where we’ll put the whole letter together and show you how to record and produce your VSL on the cheap.   

What Else Is Included?

You will get you everything I outlined above PLUS:  

  • 6 Training Webinars that go along with the weekly assignments. They cover advanced aspects of creating VSLs that convert like crazy.  

  • Access to a LIVE training group session where we'll sit down, rate each others copy and give suggestions on what we'd change. You will then have 24 hours to make any changes that we all come up with. (This is something HUGE that people always ask me for. Here's your chance.)  

  • In depth training on crafting Upsells and Backend Funnels that turn your product into a real business. (This alone is invaluable and the "secret" behind every 7 and 8 figure online business.)  

  • Bonus training detailing how Ian negotiates $20K upfront and $80K in performance bonuses just for re-writing VSL "Leads". (That's approximately only 200-1000 words). 


1. How do I access the training?

You'll be subscribed to an email list upon purchase and start receiving emails immediately. You'll also get a copywriting checklist immediately.  

The emails with your daily lessons and handwriting exercises will arrive in your inbox at 3AM PDT or 6AM EDT.  

The Advanced class will consist of 6 training classes that we'll email you.   

2. Do I HAVE to hand copy the examples?

No. It's not a "requirement" necessarily but it WILL accelerate the learning process dramatically. I personally still hand copy almost every day. It's the best way to learn in my opinion.  

That being said I'd rather you actually WRITE your own sales letter than hand copy them.   

If you don't have a list or product we'll show you how you can write a sales message anyways. (This is an AWESOME way to get clients if you want to be a freelance copywriter or email copywriter.)  

The hand copying exercises are only 25 minutes. NOT an hour. So the hardcore will commit 50 minutes each day. 25 minutes to hand copy. 25 minutes to work on your own VSL. And they'll have a full sales letter (or 2) with multiple leads to test at the end of the course.  

For the Minimum Effective Dose I'd recommend you set aside 25 minutes about 2-3 times a week to write your copy. That way you'll have a full letter done in 5 weeks. That's for the slackers but it's still a great way to get shit done.

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6 Weeks VSL Training (Daily Emails)

Copywriting Checklist

Headline Formulas

Bullet Formulas

VSL Sequencing Formula

6 Advanced Training Webinars

Submissions of your own copy for review

Upsell and Backend Funnel Product

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